Who knew finger traps were wooden!

I had always wanted a finger trap when I was a kid. I remember seeing it on 90's kids films or cartoons. I wanted one really bad.

Stepping back a bit and looking at this desire,  I don't think I actually cared about the functionality as much as I did the idea of having one like all the kids in the American movies do. It was a cultural icon nowhere in sight in New Zealand.

I recall trying to make one, but it never worked.

Until I was 30 years old! I went to the ticketing games room at venis beach.

I looked at the prize selection to see what difference it had to New Zealand and Australia 'Time Out', or 'Timezone' and to my surprise there were a few items new to my eyes.

And then I spotted it. Purple and white and blue and white finger traps. 40 tickets.

I literally ran to the nearest machine which was roulette wheel where there was a spinning light. You had to try push the button as it passes 12 o'clock. 12 was 1000 tickets, and to the left and right of it you got 40 tickets. Perfect. I remember as a kid I often get either side of 12 but never 12 exactly.

Spun. pushed button. Got 40 on the right. Done. 

I cashed in my 40 tickets for one finger trap exactly.

I felt fulfilled, with a back end feeling a bit jibbed caus it was incredibly light, and it was clearly able to unravel with ease if I mucked with it.

In typical 2017 fashion I took a snapchat of it, proclaimed my long desire for one of these iconic gems, then jammed it in my back pocket.

By the time I got home I found it squashed to pieces..

Ahwell, there was always be the memory, the principle. Oh and the Snapchat if I can find it in my folder somewhere.


This is a photo of a real finger trap from the USA.

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