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Industrial Designer.

Costume Designer.

Innovation Designer.

Design Consultant.

Dylan Mulder.

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Hi, my name is Dylan. I work with creative companies and established individuals to provide innovative design solutions through 3d modelling.  I am not your usual 3D modeller. With 10 years experience, i am an award winning Industrial Designer that operates at the forefront of innovative technologies, material and process. Throughout my project work i prototype and confirm design workflows, which i can then integrate back into commercial applications.

My passion is costume design. Like an artist or sculptor, I consider the human body the most ideal canvas. By working with 3D scans of actors, performers or other, i am able to design in response to its unique organic form, as each each body is different. These designs can be 3D printed, or output as 2D patterns through fabric simulation software.

I love pioneering applied innovation whenever possible. As a creative I've discovered I'm talented at bridging the gap between traditional and bleeding edge technologies. I often prototype new design thinking  through a world recognised competition named 'World of WearableArt' - I encourage you to check this out! Through this prototyping, i am able to confirm its effective application to future commercial projects. 

I offer inspiring, fun and interactive presentations on innovation, and how i have applied it globally. From film, performance, costume to product, my spread of industry experience will often gel with your interest, and can tend to pick up interesting points of view on how 'new' and 'old' technology can work beautifully together.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the above :) I can cater to all companies worldwide.

I specialise in 3D design for all kinds of industry, worldwide. 


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