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As a professional industrial designer, Dylan has been able to provide creative advice and even make on-site assessments for some notable companies.

He has a talent to identify where a company can implement design innovation to save time, cost and material.

Why do companies need innovation?

As a company matures, it can sometimes retain out-dated manufacture/ design process.  In this day and age, time, cost and material efficacy is critical in order to keep pace with demand and relevance.   


To confront this can be a daunting venture, with little or no clarity on where to begin. At a glance, it can appear a costly and time-consuming upgrade, however, that is not always the case. By introducing just a few critical changes can significantly improve all outcomes. The butterfly effect.

Who can I help?

From mature companies with more traditional design process, to new companies wishing to make the right decisions, Dylan has been able to provide creative advice that is sensitive to their needs, budget and philosophy.

How can I help?

There are many layers from which I could be of assistance, from:

  • A site visit to discuss goals, and observe how current design process operates. I can then provide feedback/considerations for modernised design workflow.

  • Expose how design process could be done more efficiently, in the form of a talk or presentation with samples. This can often inspire staff to think in new dimensions previously unprovoked. This puts the empowerment in your staff’s hands, which lets the transition occur at a comfortable pace.

  • I can offer suggestions on how you can automate many of the manual process, reducing footprint, and even staff if necessary.

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