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3D printed set props | Vehicles | Characters for lighting

Client Name: Pukeko Pictures

Project Name: 3D printing for set props

Description: Thunderbirds are go is a remake of the original series ’Thunderbirds’.
It merges animation with physical sets, in homage to the original.


Pukeko pictures needed 3D printed models of their vehicles and characters that would be post worked further by the model making team. They required them with a fast turnaround. Like any show, it needed a fast, effective turnaround, within a small window of delivery.


Working with Ben Milsom, and Steven Saunders, I took the animation models from the CG team, and converted these models to 3D print ready assets. I then printed these with my range of 3D printers. Larger pieces were made on the FDM machines, and detailed prints on the Form1+.

 I outsourced some parts for CNC vacuum form molds such as clear windows etc.

 Each morning, a runner would come by to collect the prints achieved over the last 24 hours.

These vehicles were sometimes printed in multiple scales, depending on the required shots needed.


3D printed base models for the model making team to post work. These were used for hero as well as background filler props.

Many of the character 3D prints were simply used for lighting reference for the CG artists to work from.


It was an opportunity to observe the creation pipelines and offer the team some external relief by offering my 3D printers. Often when it rains it pours and 3D printers internally can be booked out. I was happy to assist.

Photocredits: Ben Milsom, Pukeko Pictures

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