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Interactive 3D Kiwi avatar for museums

Client Name: Mahuki, Te Papa

Project Name: Digitalforest

Description: Interactive 3D kiwi avatar to create long term engagement with children


I approached Mahuki with the proposal to solve these following challenges:
1.      Inspire young people in science and technology

2.      Create innovative connections to support learning

3.      Achieve a "create once, publish everywhere" approach to content delivery

4.      Create a virtual Te Papa

5.      Share our collections in a virtual world

6.      Enrich the museum experience for less mobile, hearing or visually impaired people

7.      Increase visitor access to museum content


I proposed the solution of  an interactive 3D kiwi avatar, which binds to a young user at the museum, as well as on app format.

The young user would colour in a 2D flat version of a kiwibird. It is then scanned in under an ipad and mapped onto an existing 3D kiwi model. They give it a name, and can now interact with it.
The intention : As they move through the museum, their specific kiwi would auto populate their custom 'skin' and engage with the user. It would inform, educate and create rapport with the user. 
My goal was to also add in a 3D printed merchandise component into the project.

Please contact me if you would like to work this project further.

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