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Fraser Geologics



Creating additional corner blocks to existing concrete block set.


Maurice Fraser, Human Dynamo


Fraser Geologics produces straight edge concrete highway liners which have a distinct pattern on them. They wished to produce corner blocks, allowing to highway block liners to turn 90 degree corners but retain the same pattern and blend in nicely, in a number of orientations.


3D scan existing wall liner patterns in high detail. Create CAD of new engineered corner block. Wrap/ dress the 3D scan data onto the new block - ensuring it can be CNC machined, retains detail and visually/dimensionally matches with different orientations.


A successfully engineered corner block that is in production. Lining many parts of New Zealand.  Blends beautifully to the existing straight walls.

This required both engineering thinking as well as artistic license to  ensure it looked right. Both are qualities i am able to provide within my unique modelling skillset.

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