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3D printed costume | 3D scans | Portable Design | Organic sculpting | Outsourced online | Assembled in three weeks

Competition: The World of Wearable Art

Project Name: Samurai Silent Dragon

Description:  This garment was designed entirely on a laptop.


This garment was designed entirely on a laptop. The concept was; 'Can i outsource all parts and files of the 3D design to companies worldwide to produce the parts, recieve them back and simply 'snap' them together'

The answer was YES.


This is an award winning costume design. It won:

  1. New Zealand Design Award.

  2. A permanent  part of the World of Wearable Art collection. It has been on display in the World of Wearable Arts Museum in Nelson, and part of an internationally travelling exhibition.

  3. Numerous media articles, newspapers and even radio talks have acknowledged the design.

Technologies and process:

  • This garment was created by 3D modelling to a 3D scan model.

  • It was then 3D printed, and assembled within an impressively short time window.

  • This garment included 3D printed masks, hand and foot pieces which conform to the body. 

  • The fabric was simulated around the 3D scan, and patterns were acquired from the model. These were sent away for cutting and assembled.

Photo credits: World of Wearable Arts

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