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‘CHOOK WAGON’ is a static installation on the first floor of Moore Wilsons wholesale and gourmet department store.Its funtion is to provide customers cooked free-range chicken using traditional French methods in imported Rotisol Rotisseries. Our role was to design, develop, create and install the cosmetic exterior around a kitchenette portacom.The exterior is a 1.3 scale replica of the iconic 1947 Citroen H series truck, historically used for portable cafes around Europe. This project involved a lot of CAD modelling in Rhino3D to create negative 3D moulds which were cut on CNC machines. These moulds were prepared and fibreglassed into creating the positive moulds. These were cleaned up, finsihed and painted. It was essential for all elements to coherently come together for efficient installation on site. It was a challenging project involving a large team to factor into the pipeline and disperse roles to. I played a role in most every level from CAD modelling, through to mould making, CNCing, Fibreglassing, finishing, painting and installing. I was capable to play a role in all of these components effectively thanks to my broad skill-set. I also helped develop the preliminary stages of its graphic design layout, which was outsourced to another company. . Capable of cooking nearly 50 chickens every 2 hours We’re offering a full French ‘Poulet Rotisserie’ experience.

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