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The intention behind this bra was to have the scales articulate or ‘flare up’ when force was applied. The aim was to include LED lights underneath the scales to accentuate the open(flared) closed effect.


This design is currently on display at  The World of WearableArt™ and Classic Cars Museum (


 Lessons learnt – allow more time for yourself.  allow for stage presence. This includes being visible up to at least 20 metres fairly clearly. Scale up some. Still, a great achievement and learning curve not only in construction, but also opportunities/potential from the WOWA awards.

I was fortunate to speak to  Dame Suzie Moncrieff (founder of WOW 25 years ago), and i asked her some questions and advice on her thoughts to achieve great things in this life. It was nice to hear her thoughts. Suzie had realistic, common sense answers. I appreciated this. It reiterated that it takes commitment to your passions, aim high and expect challenges but to stick through it. I think i also saw that, if you show diligence to your goals, people can see that and are willing to help and support. Thats quite a beautiful thing.

A special thanks goes to Rob Uivel and Sue Dorrington of Human Dynamo Ltd, for their patience and consistent support/resources. They have excellent resources including prop design, model making, laser cutting, cnc machining, tooling etc. Check out their impressive portfolio including LARGE scale installations and feature films.

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