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Digital Wearables in the Metaverse

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In the Future, Wear the Past.

Client Name: MNTGE + Non Fungible Labs

Project Name: MNTGE.IO


Description: In the Future, Wear the past






How can we bring limited edition, collectible vintage clothing into the metaverse? In partnership with Sean Wotherspoon, a well-established fashion influencer renowned for being a vintage fashion influencer and collaborator with top brands like Nike and Adidas, we developed a limited edition collection of collectible NFTs  available on web3 and OpenSea.

My Role:
As partnership between NonFungible Labs and MNTGE, my role as Creativer Producer \ 3D technical advisor was to manage and advise the successful creative pipeline and execution of creative assets for MNTGE collection across both partners.
I was heavily responsible for the successful execution of 3D creative assets. This included from concept, to feasibility, to project management to animation and QA of final assets. As there are more collections to come, i will be advising and executing a refined creative pipeline based off our metrics from the first collection.



By leveraging the power of 3D scanning technology, we can accurately capture and digitize the authentic flaws and imperfections of vintage clothing. This enables us to transform them into rare collectibles in the metaverse while also unlocking their full potential. We can revitalize these garments by infusing them with digital enhancements, breathing new life into their storied history.


A successful product that sold out in over 835ETH total volume and counting. You can find them on Opensea here:

Our verified collection has garnered significant attention and interest from multiple influencers who are enthusiastic about collaborating with us in the future such as Gary Vee.

Photocredits: Non Fungible Labs + MNTGE

Base Garments

Transformed Garments

Transformation Inks

Ink Press

Trunk Unboxing

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