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3D printed costume | 3D scans | LEDs | eSmoke system | Photochromatic tech | Sound sytem | Strobe

Competition: The World of Wearable Art

Project Name: Digital Stealth Gods

Description: Neo Japan,4096AD. Pitiful humans! As the skies turn, you'll witness my true form in all its glory


This is an award winning costume design. It won:

  1. Second place in Weta workshop section

  2. A permanent  part of the World of Wearable Art collection. It has been on display in the World of Wearable Arts Museum in Nelson, and part of an internationally travelling exhibition.

  3. Numerous media articles, newspapers and even radio talks have acknowledged the design.

Technologies included:

  • This garment was created by 3D modelling to a 3D scan model.

  • It was then 3D printed, and assembled within an impressively short time window.

  • This garment included a plethora of electronics, including:

    • Arduino

    • eSmoke system blows spoke out the mouth region

    • Sound system down spine that plays audio track as USB is installed into chest

    • Stroke light because why not.

    • LED's in helmet, ears, eyes etc

    • Plasma disc that interacts with sound and touch.

    • USB stick with an MP3 track, which it would speak when plugged into its chest.

  • It has a photocrhomatic paint job. This paint reacts in 5 seconds to sunlight from clear to blue, and back again. It made this costume come alive on stage as the UV lights turned up and down.

  • Two additional performers called minions would shoot the costume with UV laser pointers attached to 3D printed guns that spin based upon gravity.
    So yeah it was an overload. Intentional.

Photo credits: World of Wearable Arts

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