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10 years experience.

3D assets for games, feature film and products.

3D Modelling

From diverse industry applications of 3D modelling, i can find custom solutions to your needs.

Contact me about 3D modelling

Zbrush Keyshot 7 Pro
3D asset design
Product prototyping
App and VR assets
Advertising 3D assets
Animation models
Manufacture or 3D print ready
Bespoke design for custom client request.
What kind of modelling?
Organic modelling
Parametric modelling
Engineered/CAD modelling
File formats
Experienced with all kinds
OBJ, STL, etc
Import and export
3D scans
Cleanup and mesh optimisation
Preserve UV and colour information
How am i different?
I can merge organic/scan data with geometric design for manufacture

My main tool for design.

Organic sculpting,

Working with 3D scans etc


Museum, film and other props for many kinds of application.

3D assets

Designs with manufacturing in mind.

Production models

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