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3D scan of maquette into posable 3D model | Reusable 3D asset

Client Name: Cookietime, Human Dynamo LTD

Project Name: Cookietime monster 3D reusable asset

Description: Creating a 3D asset of  Muncher to be reusable for multiple poses.


Cookie Time required a cost and time effective solution to produce five sets of thier mascot, Muncher the Cookietime monster. Their existing method to produce this involved sculpting all five
models separately and at full size. Since each model was sculpted by hand in clay, moulded, and cast, it was an expensive and time consuming process. It also meant there was an inconsistency
across the different sculpts due to the inevitable human error.


 Taking a 3D scan of a scaled clay maquette sculpted by a professional sculptor, I cleaned up and modified the sculpt to be suitable for animation and manufacture.


The Muncher 3D asset was now able to have animation bones installed, to pose in different postures on screen. When idea posture desired, it is then exported and CNC milled for 1.5 metre tall fibreglass models of the mascot. ​ This saved a lot of time, cost and material, and yet added uniformity across all of the models.

Bonus facts:

  • Human Error was reduced significantly from the design process.

  • Material waste reduced

  • Time of project reduced

  • Cookie time theoretically can own the 3D model. which they can repurpose for other future projects.

  • An investment.


Photocredits: Human Dynamo Ltd

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