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LINZ data to 3D terrain | cast in Bronze

Client Name: Locales

Project Name: CableCar terrain map - Wellington Botanical Gardens

A 3d terrain map section cast in bronze at the Wellington Botanical gardens.


Locales needed an outsourced designer to discuss manufacture, obtain LINZ data and 3D model the terrain with bronze casting in mind. It is a larger area than usual, and buildings needed to be detailed but be able to withstand vandalism, or be replaced. They needed someone with 3D printing knowledge and advice on how to achieve details.


Together with the creative lead, we resolved how to produce and prepare the 3D model for bronze casting. The terrain was designed from LINZ terrain data then CNC’d into two-part mold.

The buildings were 3D printed separately on my form1+ in castable resin, which were then cast independently to capture all detail. Buildings were welded in post and blended back into terrain.

During development, we produced a number of 3D printed section mock ups, to get a sense of scale presence and feel for details.


A fantastic result. It was a risky process, but Locales had the guts. They are a pleasure, and talented group of people. See pictures. Many people touch and feel the map creating great engagement. Welding the buildings on ensured they are not vandalised.


It was an opportunity to prototype different textures, and embossing’s for displaying information for future projects.

Photocredits: Dean Edgington, Locales

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