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Air New Zealand

Designing on the fly | Virtual reality design | #WETAKEYOUPLACES

Sponsor Name: Air New Zealand

Project Name: 'Designing on the fly'

Description: Create a virtual reality garment to celebrate the partnership between World of Wearable Art and Air New Zealand


An awesome challenge. Design a garment that can celebrate the partnership between World of Wearable Art and Air new Zealand. It needed to be filmed, produced and released under three consecutive Facebook videos, with the final unveiling on World of Wearable Art opening night.

After some dialogue, I was able to propose a suitable process to achieve creating the garment within two months.


Since i work digitally, i was confident i could produce results in the 2 month time frame. Together with Air New Zealand's film crew of 5, I was flown to Dunedin and New Plymouth to design a costume in response to 3D scans and details of the landscape.  Between destinations I would 'Design on the fly' with my Wacom Companion 2, producing a costume I would further modify in Virtual Reality at his Design studio.


Three videos were successfully released on their scheduled dates, and a successful garment unveiling on Air New Zealand VIP event on awards night.

According to Air New Zealand the Facebook videos achieved just under 1 million views, which was a great success.

I also had Shapeways 3D print the garment, in return for some leads and openings for further discussions.​


A tremendous respect for the entire process, the film crew and of course Air New Zealand and the World of Wearable Arts. I've learnt how to be on camera, and continue to discover i can achieve incredible results beyond what i imagined.

Thank you Air New Zealand and World of Wearable Art for your generosity, and opportunity. Thank you Kat from Shapeways for the additional sponsorship, and hard work to get prints out on time. Thank you Wacom for a beautiful product. If only i had the Wacom Studio pro at that time!

Photocredits: Air New Zealand, World of Wearable Art

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