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Reusable 3D assets.

Packaging for renders.


Client Name: Whittakers

Andrew Martis

Unlimited ltd 

Project Name: Peanut Slab boxes

Description: Photo realistic 3d models of Peanut slab size boxes.


Needed 3D models of photo realistic assets for Whittakers advertising campaign. It was critical that these were as good if not better than work form a real photographer.


Working with professional render artist Andrew Martis, and Art Director Steve we produced 3D rendered images of Peanut slabs in their packaging. It required 3D modelling, and adding in imperfections to make them convincing.


Successful advertising imagery that contributes to their New Zealand wide iconic branding. By reskinning the boxes, different packaging can be applied. This means:

Reuse of 3D model, Consistency in appearance, time money and effort saved each time a new flavour is created.​ Reusable 3D assets.


The realism is so good it challenges traditional photography. We explored other 3D assets such as broken chocolate face, nuts, coconut, almond details in 3D too.

Apologies, final pictures to be  uploaded soon

Photocredits: Andrew Martis, Whittakers chocolate

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