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Run The Jewels - Out Of Sight feat. 2 Chainz (Official Music Video)

Run The Jewels - 3D Scan work for Music Video Assets

Client Name: Run the Jewels Production Company + NYCap3D

Project Name: 3D Scans of EL-P and Killer Mike. 


Description: 3D Scan advice and post cleanup of Scan data for music video assets. 


Client needed some 3D scan work edited and modified for music video assets.


I advised on best methods for capturing 3D scans of EL-P and Killer Mike. I then post worked the scan data for use in the music video below.


A successful delivery of 3D assets on schedule. The music video is pumping and garners around 3 million views.


My name is indicated in credits which i thought was very honorable. Apparently, EL-P and Killer Mike believe in crediting all Artists involved. Which is great!

I also highly recommend NYCap3D and their 3D scan facilities. They have literally EVERYTHING you could need for a 3D project.

Photocredits: Youtube

Capture cred.JPG
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