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3D model | Ornate frame

Client Name: Partridge Jewellers, Human Dynamo LTD

Project Name: Ornate frame

Description: 3D model for CNC. used as seasonal ornamental hanging on major Partridge Jewellers storefronts


Partridge jewelers required a 3D physical display model of their logo. It was to be repurposed seasonally by being able to change out its gems with other seasonal objects. ​


My role was to 3D model the frame design, with cavities for placing different objects.


A beautiful result created by Human Dynamo who took the 3D model and CNC and painted the final result. Art director made excellent decisions on is final appearance.


We explored a number of different versions of the interior details. Some included 3D scans of horses and other detail. It was decided to go with the giant gem.

Photocredits: Sue Dorrington, Human Dynamo Ltd

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